Organizations across the globe are leveraging mobility to connect with customers, employees, businesses and machines on web-enabled devices of every kind. With our expertise in Mobility services, we can help create solutions for clients that increase productivity, enhance collaboration among employees and drive more meaningful interactions and transactions with their customers. Mobility “Defined” – We help customers define and conceptualize the idea of going mobile depending on specific client needs. It means taking clients’ current business running on web to the mobile world, or developing mobile apps that are add-ons to existing business lines.

Mobile Strategy

We provide strategy consulting to our clients that enables building a workable technology solution putting ideas into reality. We evaluate target market audience and time required to push the product to market, and propose and build solutions to meet the needs. Our process workflow to develop and deliver mobile solutions would look like the following –

Mobile Development – Evaluate, Design & Develop

Before we get into rapid development, we evaluate proposed strategy and design and develop proof of concepts to both business and technology team. Our architecture and design are tested early in development stage to make sure it supports all platforms, device types and browsers. This is also a check point to ensure that the UX designed drives adaptability and usability using HTML 5 or native UI components.

Once evaluated and prototyped, we build the solution using latest and the appropriate technology based on platform support requirements. We look at options to build server side features wither with traditional technology stack like .Net, Java, relational DB or using Node.js, mongo db, etc.

Validate & Publish

We engage QA Services at various levels (starting as early as when strategizing) to deliver quality product to our clients. In addition to traditional mobile application testing scenario that includes functional / features testing, our team also focusses on

  1. (i) performance / security testing,
  2. (ii) Usability and UI standards validation and
  3. (iii) validate mobile applications conformance to standards to deploy to different App stores.

Our validation process also includes mobile test automation which is unique and requires different skillsets and expertise. We are very familiar with several automation tools including Robotium, Perfecto, SoapUI and we have the ability to perform cloud mobile testing as well.

Core Mobility Offerings

Native Application Development

Solid track record of developing Native applications designed to maximize each mobile operating system’s potential for performance, form, and functionality. Operating systems include iOS, Android, Win 8 and Black Berry.

Web Application Development

Tailoring your web applications to the mobile screen is very effective for universally accessible content & functionality. We can help develop functionality in a web app that engages mobile users and delivers content seamlessly to all types of devices.

Application Porting

Application Porting is an easy way to get the native app running on one operating system to expand on to other platforms. Our engineering expertise will work seamlessly with your project teams to deliver the same app quality to a new platform of users.