We offer Data Management as services to bring effective value to clients’ business from processing large amounts of data sets. Organizing large datasets for easy access and better understanding requires human effort, and involves Data Classification and Labeling.

Data Classification is the process of organizing and streaming data into categories for its most effective use. This involves creating Taxonomy, a hierarchy of categories. We’ve offered clients to perform Data Management services where in clients receive millions of products along with their merchant details that need to be managed and searched effectively online for end consumers.

Product Search data management agents associate products and their attributes to categories that offers consumers the ability to find products, research, and compare prices. Merchants provide product catalogs to be represented on Product Search.

As part of Data management services to client, we deploy Data management agents to cover:

  • On-boarding merchants,
  • Managing data feeds,
  • Product categorization – associating products and their attributes to categories,
  • Attribute matching,
  • Opinion index and taxonomy analysis, and relevance reviews.

Taxonomy Specialists

Agent resolve product catalog uploads that could not be systematically matched and requires manual effort.Examples of tasks include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Map merchant’s product category to Product Search category
  • Resolve brand and merchant to standard naming conventions
  • Review items that exceed thresholds
  • Add item attributes to maximize results of product feeds
  • Analyze taxonomy for improvements or changes
  • Resolve issues reported by consumers, merchants, or product managers
  • Provide feedback to improve merchant feeds
  • Review for quality and accuracy of work performed

Data Labeling

Taxonomy generation organizes a large data into hierarchical structure to facilitate consumers’ navigation and browsing actions. The next step is to label all the nodes in the taxonomy via interactive tools but require manual inputs. Labeling agents perform Item matching, and leave annotations in various forms as part of Labeling activities. Tools collect all annotations, and will be used for either reporting or further processing.